49/53 Seater

If you have a large school, church or business organisation that needs to be transported around town or around the country, the 49 seat executive coach may be the most cost-effective solution to your travel needs. This size bus is small enough to be affordable while at the same time offering a wide range of extra conveniences that will be appreciated during a trip of several hours.

Of course, each bus is completely air-conditioned and provides for toilet facilities plus tabled seating for ease of conversation or snacking while in transit. Entertainment equipment is provided with TV, video or DVD players. Most buses will also have refrigerators and the ability to serve hot and cold drinks of the passenger’s choosing. Large luggage capacity is the rule, rather than the exception. The feature that is the most popular with children and seniors is the “kneeling” capability that allows the driver to lower the carriage of the bus to street level, thereby eliminating that high first step that can be so difficult.



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